I registered for Power & Contribution on my 39th Birthday last March.  I knew I needed to create a powerful context and structure for my forties – I felt a bit rudderless in my thirties, just expecting things should go the way I thought they should – you know, marriage, kids, career, etc.  As great as my thirties were, I found myself to be disappointed, frustrated, and grossly underutilized.

The first four months of P&C (as we like to call it, somehow thinking that using acronyms is a superior and time saving practice) were all about stepping back and observing myself and life.  I was unwilling to jump into a Impossible Promise for the world too soon.  I needed to empty my mind and rediscover myself and what’s important and fundamental to being ME.

It all crystalized very suddenly in Weekend #3.  I was able to articulate my Impossible Promise with almost no effort.  Here it is:

By 2030, I promise that peace will be a reality for humanity; all people will turn to communication, collaboration, and innovation to bring workability to life.

I had a thought that violence doesn’t happen for no reason.  There is always a seemingly good reason.  So if we can just bring together citizens of the world to collaborate, communicate, and innovate, we could disappear the potential and actual circumstances and situations that displace peace.  And THAT turns me on.  THAT is something I can give my life, my interests, my intellect to, for the rest of my life.  It’s as though everything I’ve done in my life, all the things I’ve developed in myself, have been preparing me for what I’m now up to.  Or maybe I’ve always been up to this…and sometimes it’s been more obvious than at other times.

Maybe that’s why I cried when I picked up my Volunteer Uniform for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics today…I’m actually at work fulfilling my promise by volunteering my time and energy to this international convergence of minds, bodies, and spirits.