I’ve often considered myself something of a late bloomer.  But there is one thing that frees me up to have fun in a social situation – margaritas.  Especially margaritas at higher elevations, namely those found in the US west and mountainous states. 

Michelle and I were extremely impressed with the $4 happy hour margaritas at Duchin’s bar (a.k.a. Wrinkles, according to the locals - cuz there are SO MANY old timers there!!! )  They actually use Grand Marnier, usually reserved for Cadillac margaritas with the commensurate increase in price.  Two of these beauties set the stage for some wicked flirting. 

First, the ambulance-chaser lawyer.  Then the guy who let me try on his Patagonia down “sweater” jacket.  His name was Griggs (yes, that’s his first name.  I asked.)  And Howard, a friend of Griggs.  Then the Brian/Greg/Tad trio (Tad is the most American of men’s names).  Then the large table of people who started singing Oh Canada.  Of course I was compelled to go say hello.  Turns out one of them is the owner of Hemingway’s bar in Yorkville (Toronto) – Martin is his name, a Kiwi.

I must say, there are a LOT of men in the mountains.  This is excellent practice, and ever so much fun!