Not sure how I missed this, but Snowbird, UT is for serious SKIERS only.  It is a huge, steep mountain where just about the only Green runs are narrow cat tracks traversing the mountain.  This doesn’t work for snowboarders.  Like myself. 

And the people here aren’t half as friendly and fun as those in Sun Valley.  The staff, the visitors, the environment.  The margaritas are pretty good, but that’s only half the story.

And after it took us just about an hour to get down the crazy mountain, I discovered that my bindings had not been tightened after we had our equipment tuned.  No WONDER it felt so very wrong. I had to crank on all 8 screws!!!

All of that meant that we snubbed the mountain by 2 pm in favour of our laptops and wi-fi.  Hmmph.