Delicate Arch

Today was sightseeing and hiking in Arches National Park.  We noticed, as we purchased our park entry fee, that it was a bit windy.  The park staff person informed us that a BIG storm was blowing in from California, due with rain, and potential thunderstorms and even snow.  Besides the wind, which blasted us with red dirt from all angles, there was no sign of said storm, at least not until about 3 pm when the clouds started to block the sun.

Being in Arches National Park brings on the feeling of being insignificant, particularly when you consider your life against the scope of space and time of these rocks and salt valleys, the remains of ancient seas flowing and evaporating.  But not insignificant in a pathetic, small, empty way.  But rather insignificant in a powerful, life is short so get on with it kind of way.  There are some places on earth that make you feel like you are nothing, and some that make you feel like you ARE the entire universe.  Both are powerful and important.

The entire drive from Salt Lake to Moab was a bit like that.  Plus a taste of rarely unseen Americana – coal mining, a town called Helper, and vast, desolate spaces that would freak most people out if they were stranded there.  Easy to observe from the fast-moving, detached safety of a Honda Pilot.

When all is said and done, my skin is ultra smooth after that blasting.