I’ve now been back in Toronto for 4 days…but have only slept in my apartment once, and haven’t yet unpacked, so I still feel like I’m a bit on the road.  I’ve been busy, of course, with things like visiting a client, taking my mom to the airport, letting in the cleaning lady, and assembling the particles for doing my own taxes (getting tired of paying $450 for someone else to do it).  So far I’m down to $11,700 that I have to pay and I haven’t even added any business deductions or rent yet.

But I digress. People have been asking me how it feels to be back, and surprisingly it feels completely natural and just fine. Ten weeks is quite a long time to be away, even though it was broken into many sub-adventures.  Not a moment of ennui to be had.  Where would I have fit it in?  Being the “Sherpa” meant I had designed this trip rather perfectly.  My Toronto seminar leader friends call me Sherpa, not because I carry their gear, but because I’m the ultimate travel planner and guide.

A trip like this, however perfectly designed, could not have been accomplished on my own.  There are MANY people to acknowledge, thank, and mention, for making it as extraordinary as it was.  So I have 3 categories of people to whom I wish to express my eternal gratitude… 

  • Hosts
    • Major
      • Zan, Patrick & Sophia, Vancouver
      • Kathy & Dennis Nesbit, Whistler
      • Lisa Grim, Encinitas, CA
  • Slightly less major (only because of duration!)
    • Helen & Hardy Palethorpe, Canberra, AU
    • Carol & Arthur Rothwell, Faulconbridge, AU
    • Geoff & Kylie Bell (and Katie, Jaime, Molly, and >>>>>), Avalon Beach, AU
    • Natalie Edmonds, Sydney, AU
    • Julie Ryan & Shayne Kneen (and Jack & Aarkey), Newcastle, AU
    • Diana Ferris, Denver, CO
    • Randah McKinnie (& Lia), Corte Madera, CA
    • Meet Ups/Reunions
      • John Hewson, Vancouver
      • Andrew Bell, Tracy & Carolyn Galloway, Canberra, AU
      • Gini Hole, Canberra, AU
      • Patty Garforth (Diana Ferris’ youngest sister!), Manly, AU
      • Ken & Sue Moffitt, Sydney, AU
      • Heather & Rick Bolstler, Sydney, AU
      • Ashton Mills, Newtown, AU
      • Joseph Edwin, Sydney, AU
      • Shelby Benedetti, Sydney, AU
      • Norm Harvey, Whistler
      • Shayne Le Poer Trench, Whistler
      • Barb McLean & Mark St. George (and Sophie & Nicky), North Vancouver, BC
      • Maggie Leithead, Vancouver, BC
      • David Nickel, Vancouver, BC
      • Darci Larocque, Vancouver, BC
      • Pilots
        • Pam Hanson – Toronto friend/Air Canada Jazz pilot, and my cheap ticket Down Under!
        • Michelle Mackenzie – Seattle friend/Honda Pilot owner,  Ski to Sea partner!

Details may follow, but the point is that it was truly wonderful to be with each and every one of you.  There was nothing I would have changed about my adventure at all.  It was perfection – and I have you to thank for receiving me with such generosity.  THANK YOU! 

What shall we plan for 50???